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The latest version of USFM documentation that I see for Spanish is version 2.2.

Does anybody know of a later version? I’m not seeing localized versions of the USFM website.



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That seems to work @anon848905!! How cool!

  1. Right-click > Translate to español
  2. Click the 3-dots
  3. Click Always translate English


It almost works too well, as this Supporters page was translated too. :joy:

But that was solved with choosing “Never translate this site” for the Supporters site.

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There is currently no newer USFM documentation for Spanish. With the documentation on the web (USFM Documentation — Unified Standard Format Markers 3.0.0 documentation) you can right click on the page in Chrome and translate using Google translate to get a basic idea.

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That’s cool!

Is there any way to get that to “stick” when I click on a link to a different page on the USFM website? It resets the page to English when I go to a new page.

Paste the site URL into Google translate. Click the link and the entire site will be translated into Spanish

This is the url:

Of course you can also use the Websites tab:

When I right click and go to translate I see a check box to “Always translate”. I am guessing that if I click that then it should “stick”

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