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I am looking for usfm documentation that will explain all the syntax and markers. When I go [to the USFM documentation page] and type in a search for what I am looking for, it returns a negative search result saying, “Your search did not match any documents.” What I am looking for is the Rank marker that appears in the usfm.sty sheet. … Can’t find any info on that anywhere. thnx

Any insights?


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Hi .
I couldn’t find any resource that describes in depth all of the properties within the stylesheet, but I did manage to dig up this.

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I too find the whole USFM documentation thing confusing. Most of the time the online website documentation seems too simplistic and doesn’t answer the question I go it looking for the answer to.

So, I’m not sure the following is true because I don’t fully understand what USFM is and isn’t trying to define… but, I think that \OccursUnder and the related \Rank are PT specific markers which are used to help PT handle format markers. In other words, (if I’m right) they’re not actually part of the USFM standard which is why they’re not included in the documentation.

Inside of PT, the help article How does the stylesheet specify where a marker is allowed to occur? might be useful.

The \OccursUnder and \Rank together define where and how markers can occur under each other (see @Stephen+Katt’s above). It’s not really Paratext-specific as any application that needs to verify the USFM markup needs that information (e.g. the Paratext Markers Check uses this information to do it’s checking).

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I got it figured out, but thanks for all the replies.

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