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I am an administrator in this project. Another administrator has made changes in GLO and other books and done send/receive. The changes she has made in other books have updated correctly and I see them after doing send/receive. But the changes she has made in GLO are visible to me in Recent Changes and Project History but have not updated in the GLO book.

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When you don't see the text change immediately, I would recommend changing to a different book or chapter and returning. The GLO book is often very big and may not refresh as quickly as anticipated.

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Thanks but that makes no difference. Changes in other books are updating, but not in the Glossary.
Does the GLO update if you close the project and reopen? I am assuming that Paratext is not reporting a conflict in the GLO. If two people have edited the GLO then it is likely that only one set of changes will be in the current version - even if the other changes are in the history.
No, neither closing and reopening the project, nor closing and restarting Paratext make any difference. There is no reported conflict. I am trying to confirm whether other users are having the same problem with this particular book. Earlier in the day it seemed that some were.
Understood - go ahead and report this issue through Give Feedback in Paratext.
OK, thanks for your help
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