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I'm working remotely with a team. Yesterday we made extensive changes, and at the end of our afternoon session I asked them to do a send-receive. This morning when I opened Paratext to review the changes, none of them showed up, nor did the team's project and BT appear as "edited" in the S/R list. I asked them to S/R again about 15 minutes ago, and received word from their facilitator that they'd done so. However, the project is still not showing up as "edited". I tried doing a S/R anyway, and it said no changes had been made - and that the last S/R was early yesterday morning.
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Generally changes are not seen because one or the other is not doing a correct S/R. I recommend using the Main Menu > Send/Receive and verify that the projects are checked AND that the S/R is going to the Internet. Sometimes teams send to a network drive, memory stick, or other location and don't actually send the files to the Internet.
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Thanks, Phil. I'd forgotten to ask if the projects were checked in the S/R dialog. Since we're working remotely, it's hard for me to see what's happening on the team's laptop (it's not the one we use for Zoom). I'd wondered, too, if they were doing S/R to the internet, or still to USB as they do in the village when there's no internet.
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