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Can I customize the line spacing of my Back Translation project?
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You might need to give more explanation of what you're trying to do, and why.

Probably you want to create a custom stylesheet and change the linespacing for different format markers (\p and maybe others).

You can read about creating the stylesheet by searching the PT help for the article titled "How do I implement a custom stylesheet for my project?"

You can then read the article titled "What styles can be specified in a stylesheet?" In particular, you're probably going to want to set \LineSpacing = 2 (or some number larger than 1). One thing to note when experimenting with different styles is that you'll probably have to turn PT off, edit the custom.sty file, and then turn PT back on.
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I would like to have the same line spacing for my VE as for my vernacular. 

But I don't know where I can adjust the line spacing for my VE. 

For some reason, I can't upload some of my screenshots here. But you can imagine, my vernacular Bible translation on the right has an open 1.5 line spacing, while my Back translation on the left has a tight 1.0 line spacing. I want the latter to be 1.5 as well. 

I looked up the project properties, but I don't see a way to edit any stylesheets.  

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Without having set any special linespacing, different fonts will display different spacing. The Charis SIL font has a larger interline spacing than most other fonts to allow for stacking diacritics. If you set the default font to be the same for both projects, they should display with the same line spacing.
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That does the trick. Thank you, Phil!

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