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In the past, I believe that a Paratext user with no email address could not be a Consultant or an Administrator on a project.

I was tested this and was actually able to add a test user (with no email address) to a project as an Administrator, and also as a Consultant. This worked from both inside of Paratext and on the Registry website.

Has the restriction been changed? I’m ok if it has, because I think it opens up some helpful possibilities.



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@glennpruitt @John+Wickberg Are you able to comment on this? We have a training video about to be released that addresses this and it would be good to make sure the facts are straight.

Here’s a setup I just tested. It wasn’t a user with NO email, but with an unverified email:

A user with an email address (Jim ) was registered by somebody else.
Jim did NOT verify his email address.
Jim was able to receive 2 different projects, one as a Consultant, the other as an Admin.
As an admin, Jim was able to add a user to the project.
As a consultant, Jim was able to add a comment, and also become a temporary Admin using the Shift + Menu trick.

So the only thing I see this type of user missing out on is the ability to register a project for themselves.



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What does this mean with regard to the user’s ability to generate a new registration code in the event they need to enter it and have lost the existing one? Without a verified email address, I assume that they will not be able to sign in to the Paratext Registry which is where they would generate a new code. If they have someone else impersonate them in the Registry and generate a new code, they will still need to have that person forward the new code to them as Paratext would not have an email address to send them the code directly.


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