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Hi, A former MTT is trying to get set up to use Paratext as an independent translator. He is not presently part of an affiliated organization. He tells me that the registration process asks him to list his Paratext support person. He doesn't really have anyone who's able to do this. I told him I would ask on his behalf what he should do.

 He has been attempting to following the instructions on this page.

He has experience using Paratext from his time as an MTT, but it's been several years now since he's been working on translation.

I'm not able to see what the registration form is asking him, so I'm going by the information he sent to me just now on WhatsApp.

Thank you very much.

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The registration process itself does not ask for a Supporter's name. It does as for a Supervisor's name, but this field is optional.

When a user is logging into Paratext for the first time there is a box that asks for a Supporter's name, but they could simply add your name or their own. Again, that field is not required to be able to open Paratext.
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Thank you, Phil. I'll pass this info along.

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