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I'm using a 2018 mbp, 2.6 i7, 16gb memory. parallels 18. macOS 13.4.1

Beginning today, for the first time I can recall, Paratext, and eventually all of windows/parallels freezes and forces me to restart. I've got to restart the Mac because windows is stuck and will not restart. It's happened three times today. I honestly don't know much about windows to even know how to go about diagnosing this. Does anyone have suggestions?
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There was an issue with the Send/Receive server. It has been resolved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Would you please try again and let us know (with a problem report: Paratext menu > Help > Submit feedback) if it is still not resolved?



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Yeah. It’s working normally now. Thanks
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I got this message after restart:
“The following projects have become corrupted:
Send/Receive will not work for these projects until they are repaired.”

I then clicked “repair”. But now it seems a whole lot of text, BT, and wordlist notes are missing.

I’m nervous to S/R and risk losing those notes which are still stored on the server and other’s computers.
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It sounds to me like you should delete the project(s) from your computer and then do a Send/Receive to get them fresh from the server. If you have changes which you have not yet sent to the server, you should make note of them in a Word Doc or something first.

It seems unlikely that Paratext could cause all of Windows to freeze so I'm guessing that it's something else that is causing the freeze Have you installed an antivirus program in Windows which could be causing problems? Is the Windows Firewall blocking Paratext?

About a month ago I was getting a lot of freezes in Parallels, and then kernel panics on my Mac. I traced it to memory errors from too much dust in my computer. I think cleaning out the dust fixed the problems. The app Rember is an easy way to test a portion of your Mac's memory. I created a bootable USB with MemTest86 to thoroughly test ALL of my Mac's memory.
I've got no AV on the windows side, only what windows does natively. I've disabled windows defender firewall completely.

Doing what you've said worked to restore the project for me. However, I'm still having trouble with send receive. The send receive dialogue proceeds and then get's stuck and says 'send receive' error.  Then I get the dialogue box to say that Paratext has lost connection to the internet. This has happened despite restarting Paratext and following the procedures suggested in Paratext help.

The Mac has full internet access. So does windows. I can browse on Edge without difficulty. So it seems to be something specifically related to Paratext? Other instances of our project on team computers are not having trouble with send receive.  I'm at a loss for what to do now.
1) Lots of people were having problems with send/receive earlier today but it should be working now. (The server needed some maintenance). Try again and see if you can now do send/receive.
So, because I didn’t see these replies I did a SR via usb with my colleague and then tried a SR on the server. That worked perfectly. I assumed that some problem was resolved in the USB SR process but it sounds like it was just a coincidence with the larger server issue. M
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