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I’m using PTXprint to export my Paratext project text to PDF files.

If I choose “Multiple Books” under the “Basic”, “Project and Scope” section in PTXprint, and select all the books of the Bible, this will create one PDF file which contains all the books of the Bible.

Is there a way to have each book of the Bible exported to a separate PDF file? I know I could select one book, click “Print”, then select another book, click “Print”, but that would be tedious. Is there a way to do it in one step?

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Hi @bit!
Unfortunately we removed this option from the PTXprint UI (to produce individual PDFs for each book) about a year ago due to 3 factors:
(i) very few people used it (you’re the 2nd person who has asked about it since we removed it!)
(ii) it created a lot of additional complications in the code which we would rather not have to deal with
(iii) it is possible to do what you are requesting through the command-line interface (see details below)

Essentially, if you open a command prompt and type in this command, you’ll get a PDF of just that book (e.g. MRK):
"C:\Program Files\PTXprint\PTXprint.exe" -c ConfigName -b MRK -P ProjID

Now, by wrapping that command in a loop with a list of books, it will run it once per book, and you’ll end up with individual PDFs. Here’s what it would look like as a batch file (and you will have to put your own specific details into the set commands highlighted in yellow):

Unzip this .bat file and edit as needed: PTXprintAsSeparatePDFs.zip (520 Bytes)

Note that there are many other command-line parameters which actually work when used, even though the regular -h (–help) displays nothing {we’re working on that issue!}

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Thank you so much! I can edit the .bat file to select the books I want and use this script to produce PDF files.

Just a note for any lurkers: the produced PDF files end up in C:\My Paratext 9 Projects\PROJECTCODE\local\ptxprint\ or equivalent.

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This is an addition to Mark P's answer. Here is the script in a copy and pastable format:

@echo off
REM This batch file was created to make it easy to create
REM separate PDFs for each scripture book using PTXprin's
REM commandline options (by Mark Penny, July 2022)

set PtxtDir=C:\My Paratext 9 Projects
set Program2Use="C:\Program Files\PTXprint\PTXprint.exe"
set PrjId=WSGlatin
set ConfigName=Default

For %%B IN (%Booklist%) DO (
echo -----------------------------------
echo === producing PDF for %%B . . .
%Program2Use% -c %ConfigName% -b %%B -P %PrjID%


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