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Any time the words of Christ span multiple verses (or \q# markers), I'm needing to close and reopen in order to avoid errors. I've tried adding 'wj' in the OccursUnder section of \v, but don't see any change in behavior. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not possible?
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There are a series of tools at https://lingtran.net/Voice-Marking-Tools that can be used to help with this process. In particular, tool number 6 can be used to mark the beginning of the words and the end of the words and then the tool will fill in the rest of the \wj.

As a test, I put a \\wj at the beginning of Matthew 6 and a \\wj* at the end of Matthew 7. When I ran the tool to fix \\wj it added all of the opening and closing markers for chapters 6 and 7

Please read the documentation and mark a point in history before using these tools. Great thanks to the developer who created these.
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Sorry, it's not possible. It's a limitation that character styles can't cross verse, chapter, paragraph, or footnote markers.
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