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Someone reported a problem and I saw the same issue on my computer. In Paratext 8, I went to open Biblical Terms and got an error message that said Paratext could not initialize source language dictionaries, and I perhaps needed to copy the _Dictionaries folder from another computer.

It turned out I had an old version of the Key Terms of the Old Testament dictionary that was triggering this error. I had a file called “KTOT.p8z” in the “\My Paratext 8 Projects_Dictionaries” folder. When I removed this file, Paratext 8 could open Biblical Terms without the error. The current version of Key Terms of the Old Testament is in a file called KTOTSLD.p8z, as shown in the download instructions.

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SInce writing this, I discovered that a version of KTOT.p8z is installed by the Paratext 9.1 installer. This version of KTOT does not seem to block opening Biblical terms in Paratext 8 though.

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