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Somewhere around the beginning of July I begun to notice that Paratext 9 started to freeze after a Paratext Live session was started. After several seconds or minutes these freezes “unfroze”, only to freeze again a little later. This rendered Paratext 9 unusable.

Thankfully my Paratext 8 installation is intact and working well. Therefore I have simply started to use that. The rest of the team are using Paratext 9 successfully. Live sessions seem to work fine in between the versions, as do send/receive. Can we continue like this? Are there any dangers in this setup? I am the administrator of our projects.

I am Win 10 version 1909 (which I have since updated to 2004) with all the updates, in Parallels Desktop 15, under macOS 10.14.6. The VM is not out of disk space and I have increased the VM memory from 4GB to 8GB with no (or negligible) improvement. My total RAM is 16GB. The rest of the team are Win 10 in PCs.

Any ideas what I can try in order to start to use Paratext 9 again?


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There shouldn’t be any issues using Paratext 8 with Paratext 9 over PT Live. However, I think it would be best to track down the problem you’re having in PT9. Could you try use PT9 again, and right after it freezes, could you use Help > Give feedback to send a problem report to us so we can look into it?

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