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We are facing Send Receive Issues with Powari PtP project. From the admin computer neither do send nor receive the changes. If I use memory stick to do the send receive in a new computer it shows that Locked files. I to updated paratex in to 100.72 still the problem remaining. it is happening from last five months please help us on his.

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The copy on the send/receive server was incomplete - probably the initial send/receive for the project failed.

I have removed the project, so the next send/receive should work.

If the folder for a project was copied from one computer to another, it’s possible that there is a lock file in repository that will need to be removed manually.

You can also get a message about locked files if your anti-virus program is locking files during send/receive. I’ve asked some people to exclude the C:\My Paratext 8 Projects folder from the scan list to avoid this problem.

If you continue to have problems, it’s best to use Help > Report a Problem since that includes a log that helps us see what is going wrong.


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Still I am facing the same problem, not able to do send receive on internet

Same issues with powari back translation Project **pbt **

**Blessings. . . .

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Please use Help > Report a problem to report this issue so we can see what is going on.

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