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I'm trying to help a team with their \r parallel reference markers, which are printed under section headings. They want these to have more information in some cases, showing at the top of the section to which particular verses the parallel reference is relevant (i.e. a source for the target x-reference). For example:

\s1 Golleeji Joomiraawo booɗɗi

\r (Aaya 1-15: Haala Laamaare I 16:8-22)

i.e.: \r (Verses 1-15: 1 Chronicles 16:8-22)

Obviously this flags errors. Thinking about how to do this. As I can't use the \r marker, I'll have to either use another section heading (italicised manually,  using \xt for the cross-reference target?), or make a non-standard change in the stylesheets.  Is this the best way, or is there a better standard for this? If all this was done at the bottom of the page, I could happily use the standard cross-reference markers.


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You are correct that Paratext will report errors with this format. When you use references in the \r field then Paratext expects all of the entry to be either a reference or "Extra material". You could handle this by adding "Verses " into the extra material, adding the chapter number, and using the semi-colon (or what ever character you use for book list). So, it might look like this:

\r (Aaya 5:1-15; Haala Laamaare I 16:8-22)   

The scripture reference settings would include "Aaya " in the Extra material. Note that I added a chapter number before the verses.

You cannot use the colon after the verses because it has a different meaning in the scripture reference.

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