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My wife is using Paratext Lite on a Mac. She has access to three projects: our translation, the VE for that, and another translation for which she is providing some help. The last of those says that the project has no books, and shows a lock icon. Navigating to the folders where translation data is stored, I can see that the project has been downloaded, but can't be seen from within PT Lite. On a Windows computer running the full version of PT8, she can see the project in question, so it shouldn't be a matter of permissions.

What can we do to make this project visible?
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Can you message me the name of the project so I can take a look?

Also tell you tell me the version of Paratext Lite that is install on the Mac?

UPDATE: as John confirmed the issue was a conflicting Resource and Project.
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The problem was that the project conflicted with a resource with the same ISO code (possibly a dialect of the same language?), and removing the resource solved it.
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