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I recently was asked by a consultant, who has completed his translation and receives requests for his BT, if there is a way to delete resolved notes. He would like to provide the BT as a resource, but not necessarily all the resolved notes in the history of the project. Is that possible, or would he need to create a new BT project to share.

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How is he wanting to share the project? One option is to register the project and then add  it to the DBL. In this case, the cleanest solution would be to create a new project and import the data into the project.

If he just wants to be able to share a copy of the project with individuals when they contact him, it is possible to create a backup of the project and then remove all of the comments files from the backup before sharing it with other users.
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Thanks much, that is what I was suspecting.

Right now, just looking to share with users who ask for the BT.

I guess the best solution would be to import into a new project, and share it that way then, to share a clean file.


In some ways the "easiest" way of doing things is whatever makes sense to you. Creating a new project will certainly work.

But in some ways I think what Phil suggested is easier:

1) Go to Menu--Advanced--Backup project to file...

2) Open the zip that just got created (not necessarily unzip it).

3) Delete each of the Notes_name.xml files in that zip

4) Send the zip to other users. Then can use the restore process to get the text into their copies.

One of the advantages of this is that this backup process also loses all the history of edits, which you probably also don't want to share. Create a brand new project would also do that, but it would come with the possibility of creating a history going forward. It does have the disadvantage that you're sharing zip files via email or flash drive, not sharing the project via Send/Receive.
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If you share the project via DBL, there is no need for a new project or anything like that, because the comments are not uploaded to DBL.
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Thanks everyone for the responses.

At some time we would like to more officially make some things available as translation helps, right now just on an individual basis. Sounds like there are several viable options.

Thanks everyone.

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