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I'm supporting a PT Lite user in another city who recently bought a new tablet. He says he was able to install PT Lite using Xender, launch the app, enter his license information, then click on Send/Receive. However, the app tells him that "Paratext Lite is not installed", even though he launched S/R from within Paratext Lite. Now, it's possible that there's some confusion somewhere between what he sees and what he's reporting to me in a written message, but this is what he has told me nonetheless. So I have two questions:

  1. Has anyone else run into problems when using peer-to-peer technology like Xender to install Paratext Lite instead of the Play Store?
  2. What details should I ask this user for in order to better troubleshoot the problem? Or maybe he needs to submit a problem report from within the app? (this user is francophone)
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The user has since told me that the phone is having general problems with the internet connection, which he is going to try to sort out first.
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