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Scenario: You have been added to a project, but when you do send/receive you do  not see the project. 

Check  these things before reporting to Paratext support:

  1. You opened "Send and Receive projects" on the main menu.  The send and receive button  on the toolbar only repeats the last send and receive  operation you did, it does not let you choose projects that are newly available to you. 
  2. When you open send/receive from the menu, make sure you scroll up and  down the list of projects. Depending on your screen  size, the send/receive dialog may only show two projects at once, but there is a scroll  bar to go up and down the list. You can also make the send/receive dialog taller by  dragging the top edge up  or the bottom  edge down.
  3. "New" projects are not listed in alphabetical order, but come after all the projects you have on your computer. The list shows a) existing projects on your computer in alphabetical order, then "new" projects (new to you) in alphabetical order. 
  4. If  you already have a project you created with the same short name as a project now shared with you, you cannot see the shared project. You will have to remove the existing project you have before you can receive the shared project.
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