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I’m looking into the use of the \jmp marker for linking inside a Paratext project. In our application we want to create links to locations in a versified XX book. At the USB USFM site for 3.0, I see an entry describing attributes for linking. I see an entry in the release notes for that says that \jmp is a new marker in 3.0. But I see no entry for the \jmp marker itself, general info on how to use it, and especially what any restrictions are.

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Sometimes it can be frustrating to try and find information about a particular marker in the USFM 3 documention. However, a good place to start is with the Index.
If you then click on “M” you will see a list of all of the markers.

If you get lost, you can click on the Home link in the upper left and then scroll to the bottom of the page

and you should find a link to “index”
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Thanks, anon848905. Very odd that the search doesn’t return the primary entry.

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This page in the USFM specification details the formatting of any linking attribute for USFM 3.0 - in which \jmp is the main marker that uses linking attributes. There are examples near the end of the page.

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